About Us

We’re Sarah & Lachlan – both digital freelancers based in Victoria, Australia. We work on projects involving animation, apps, design, interactivity, and games for advertising, events, education, music and the design industry.

As well as collaborating on projects, Lachlan has experience in several advertising agencies and in the video game industry with a focus on animation, user interfaces and graphic design. Sarah works mainly in animation and digital design for advertising and the design industry, and has taught design and motion graphics at a tertiary level.

Our focus is on animation and motion graphics, with a heavy dose of html5 animation for advertising, explainer videos and music videos for bands. We also enjoy creating short form content for social media (Instagram and Facebook videos, animated gifs etc). Bonus points if we can inject a bit of cheek or humour into our work as well.

If you like our work, get in contact and let’s have a chat about your project. We are also open to collaboration with other design studios and agencies both in Australia and internationally.