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Sarah and Lachlan

Music Video Premiere – I fall for that same trick everytime

If you’re in Melbourne this Saturday, our music video for James Hazelden’s tune ‘I fall for that same trick everytime’ is being premiered as part of Cinematica Inversa. This is what one frame looks like. Come and see the other (roughly) 4424 frames that go along with it.

Here’s the details…

Cinematica Inversa is a new band and a new musical project.
Cello. Guitar. Drums. Live music for silent movies.

Three quarters of the legendary Ang Fang Quartet reunite – Harold Lye, Brett Dellavedova and James Hazelden.

This month’s movie’s will include Luis Buñuel’s and Salvador Dalí’s surreal masterpiece, Un Chien Andalou and a short by comedic daredevil, Harold Lloyd. Plus special musical and whimsical guests.

Loop Bar, Meyers Pl, Melbourne.
Early show. One hour.
5pm. Entry by donation.

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