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Sarah and Lachlan

Prix Ars Electronica festival

Lachlan and I went to the Prix Ars Electronica festival in Linz, Austria in August as our music video ‘We are Police’ was playing as part of their Animation festival.

To say the festival was massive is an understatement! We were lucky enough to get artist passes that allowed us full access to the whole program. We were in Linz for the entire festival and still didn’t manage to see everything.

We saw our video play in a cozy theatre inside the Ars Electronica Center, went to gala events, workshops and lectures on art + design. We stood on the banks of the Danube with 90000 other people for the biggest arts event I’ve been to in my life, the Ars Electronica Klangwolke. We went to the festival awards ceremony which was conducted in German and listened to everything on translating headphones and pretended we were in the UN.
We also managed to explore the Ars Electronica Centre, which is open year round and contains some really interesting works that combine design, art, motion, science and more. If you ever happen to find yourself in Linz, make this your first visit!

Ars Electronica Centre –

Ars Electronica Klangwolke – 90000 people at an arts event!

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